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Weddings at Windsor Parish Church



 Weddings at Windsor Parish Church Windsor Parish Church of St John the Baptist is a popular venue for weddings.   Couples may ask for the bells to be rung before and after their wedding, for the Parish choir to sing and/or professional soloists or musicians to perform.   The date and time of your wedding must be agreed with the clergy who would be happy to talk about the possibilities for getting married at Windsor Parish Church.   Please remember that there are regular services on Sundays and during the week, as well as bookings for concerts etc. so please talk to us in good time about a time and date.  Weddings do not take place between the Saturday before Easter and Easter Sunday or Christmas Day.


If you and/or your fiancée have been married before, this is not necessarily a bar to getting married in church.  Alternatively, you may choose a service of prayer and dedication after a civil marriage.  This is commonly called a church blessing.   We would be happy to talk through choices with you.


A few years ago the rules were changed by parliament allowing couples a greater choice about where they may marry.

You may be married in this church if you live in one of the Team parishes, or have a qualifying connection to one of the Team churches.  To speak with one of the clergy about the possibility of being married in one of the Windsor Anglican churches, please drop in at one our Team surgery sessions in St Stephens and St Agnes Church in Vansittart Road on Saturday mornings.    Please bring your passports with you.

Legally you may be able to be married in one of our team churches if you or your fiancé(e);-

  • live or have lived within the Windsor Team boundaries for at least six months
  • were baptised or prepared for confirmation at one of the team churches


  • your parents or grandparents were married in one of the Team churches
  • your parents have lived within the Team Boundaries for at least six months since you were born.
  • you or your parent(s) have worshipped in one of the Team churches for at least 6 months


If you do not qualify under any of the above, then you could show a qualifying connection by regularly attending services at any one of the Team churches on a Sunday (at least twice a month) for a period of at least six months before your banns are called i.e. at least 8 months before you are married.    We can help you to show that you have been meeting these criteria if you ask for a copy of our pew leaflet to be signed by the priest leading the service each time you attend.


If one of you is not a British or EEA citizen, then you may be required to obtain a Superintendent Registrar’s Certificate but you will still have to show that you qualify to be married in one of the Team churches. 

Sometimes a Common licence is required but most couples are married by the calling of banns.


Please talk to us so that we can assist you with your plans.   There is a helpful website for couples who wish to marry in church







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